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The trails at Dirt Farm have been designed by Shaun Bevan with a focus on creating a unique riding experience unrivalled anywhere in the UK.
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Our Trails

Dirt Farm offers a range of trails from Intermediate level all the way up to Pro lines.
On this page you will be able to find and download all trail information.


Intermediate Trails

Intermediate trails require previous off-road experience and are not for beginners. The trails are generally unsurfaced and are constructed from local dirt. The style of most blue trails is generally flowing and undulating and can allow riders to pick up speed if they are confident in their ability. There are technical features on blue trails but their nature is less-severe and are mostly rollable.

" alt="Berm Baby Berm title="Berm Baby Berm">

Berm Baby Berm

Berm Baby Berm is an intermediate trail which is made up of many berms including several switch backs. It finishes with a roller double which spits you out to join 'Full Moto'.
" alt="Missing Link title="Missing Link">

Missing Link

Missing Link is a fast flowing intermediate trail. It is made up of many trail features including step downs and berms which are guaranteed to keep you entertained.
Berms / Fast
" alt="Rabbit Run title="Rabbit Run">

Rabbit Run

Rabbit Run is a dirt rollercoaster which can be used as a warm up trail packed full of fun, twisty, pumps and jumps. It is designed as an intermediate trail but if ridden fast enough it opens up for all abilities.

Berms / Fast / Jumps / Table Top
" alt="Superflo title="Superflo">


Superflo is a fast flowing single track with a selection of small jumps.
Fast / Jumps
" alt="Well Oiled Weasel title="Well Oiled Weasel">

Well Oiled Weasel

Well Oiled Weasel is full of twists, turns and littered with berms and is a lot tighter than the other trails. The last quarter is still awaiting completion but will be open soon!

Advanced Trails

Advanced trails require higher level of skill and stamina from the rider. Expect a higher frequency of technical features, some of which may not be rollable. Trail surfaces may have more exposed roots and rocks than intermediate trails and may be loose and variable.

" alt="Moto title="Moto">


Moto is an advanced trail which uses the bridge as a start ramp. Some may consider it to be similar to a BMX track full of jumps, tables, doubles and steps downs.

Jumps / Table Top
" alt="Outback title="Outback">


Outback is a red trail which starts off with roots and rocks leading in to berms and jumps. It has a steep fun section which brings you down to the 'Bridge'.
Berms / Jumps
" alt="Red Dragon title="Red Dragon">

Red Dragon

Red Dragon is a fun fast red run. It begins with a right handed chute which then leads into a table top with a couple of sweet berms. This track joins with either 'G Force' or 'Outback'.
Berms / Chute / Table Top
" alt="The Bridge title="The Bridge">

The Bridge

The Bridge is a unique trail feature crossing over the uplift track. It has a steep ramp which gains speed and momentum ready for the Moto section.
" alt="Wild Wood title="Wild Wood">

Wild Wood

A smooth flowing single track section with technical features such as roots and drops.

Expert Trails

Expert trails command some of the highest difficulty of riding at the park. These trails are highly difficult and should only be ridden by confident and experienced bike park riders. Trails range from technically challenging natural descents through to fast bike park style flow trails packed with unavoidable jumps and drops. These trails are for expert level riders only.

" alt="Bompah title="Bompah">


Bompah is full of step ups and step down jumps with gaps. To get the best our of the trail it needs to be ridden fast as the rhythm section can catch you out. It has a trail gap and a bridge drop to finish.
Fast / Jumps
" alt="Brown Pow title="Brown Pow">

Brown Pow

Brown Pow is an advanced trail which has more of a natural feel to it. This trail is fast and flowing with lots of roots and rocks. It features three steep back to back berms which leads down to the 'Bridge'.
Berms / Fast
" alt="G Force title="G Force">

G Force

G Force is a fun fast flowing black line consisting of big roots, rocks, step downs and step ups. This section leads you down to the Bridge.
" alt="Ninja Alley title="Ninja Alley">

Ninja Alley

Ninja Alley is a fast alley full of step down jumps which can join Full Moto.
Berms / Fast / Jumps
" alt="The Gary title="The Gary">

The Gary

The Gary is the original downhill trail. It is very direct, steep and fast with a few drops to keep your entertained.
" alt="Tidy Darts title="Tidy Darts">

Tidy Darts

Tidy Darts is a fun fast flowing jumps section. It starts off with a chute which leads into three table top jumps followed by a right hand berm and a step down.

Pro graded trails

Pro graded trails demand the highest skill and experience of any rider in the park.

They are suitable only for professional or equivalent level riders who are confident with the largest of jumps, drops and other technical features.

" alt="Full Moto title="Full Moto">

Full Moto

Full Moto is our biggest jump line. It begins with a step down double over a berm leading into another step down followed by two forty foot tables. The trail then narrows into a step down and step ending with two big jumps.
Fast / Jumps / Table Top

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